Odysseus Kosmos – dev.diaries #4



Hey there, friends! Welcome back on board of “San Francisco”, a huge spacecraft travelling far, far way from planet Earth.
And now let us continue the story and focus on our spacecraft – “San Francisco” for a while.
“San Francisco” is a huge scientific spacecraft crafted by the entire human kind along with StarGaze corporation. It has been sent to the Gargan system with a specific goal. Its dimensions are 0,19×0,056×0,05 mi. The ship is equipped with propulsion systems and an experimental hyperengine. Potential practical distance of the engine is unknown. Battle weapons are not equipped. The spacecraft is designed for long periods in conditions of full autonomy.
Imagine yourself aboard a modern submarine completely alone… that’s what it would be like. Apart from the fact that our hero knows a lot about engineering and the spacecraft design and there is nothing but boundless deep space outside the windows. The ship is huge! There are hundreds of rooms and bays. Some of these players visit more often than others. Plus not the entire ship is accessible right away – not only due to the game logic, but also to picture the feeling of loneliness, endless space outside and this huge ship that became a home for Oddy. We are trying hard to capture these feelings.
There are residential areas, crew quarters and technical rooms on the ship, as well as large storages and navigation bays. The wardroom stands out in particular as the favorite place of the crew and the largest in the residential part of the ship. What a view!
A few words on the realism. Naturally, we are aware that in a hundred years space travel like that can stay a fantasy for the human kind. The game features a few fantasy conditions such as artificial gravity. But it’s a sci-fi game and details like that are required for the sake of an exciting story!
Next time we are going to talk about the technical and organizational sides of development.


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