Odysseus Kosmos – Developer Diaries #16



Hey there, friends! Welcome back on board of “San Francisco”, a huge spacecraft travelling far, far way from planet Earth.

Today we’re going to talk about the game story. Unlike other gaming genres (except for RPG, perhaps), where the plot is less important – there is no decent adventure game without a story. It’s not the item hunting or puzzle solving that keeps us going – we all want to know what will happens next!

The plot of Odysseus is no exception. We are carefully building the narrative from episode to episode, developing the storyline, and we really hope that it will turn out interesting. The entire story has been already written and the script is complete, so now we only have to recreate it in the game carefully for an exciting gaming experience.

Here is what I can share about the overall project composition: the first episodes, basically, helped the player to get acquainted with the characters and the circumstances, which our heroes are faced with. The third episode is the central piece for a reason; the same goes for its story. The first and second episodes were slow paced, but events will unravel faster starting with the third episode. I should tell you up front that the number of questions, riddles and secrets to be answered by the player will keep on growing. But in the game finale all the secrets will be revealed!

Naturally an attentive player will be able to guess some of the answers long before the finale. However the narrative includes several main storylines, each evolving from chapter to chapter, and all of them will develop and come to a logical conclusion in the final episode.

And now, perhaps it is time to make an official statement. In the third episode, robot Barton will become the main character! The third episode is already in active development – let’s wait together!

P.S. We’re currently working on Linux version too!

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