Odysseus Kosmos – Developer Diaries #17


Hey there, friends! Once again, I’m happy to see you back on board of “San Francisco”, a huge spacecraft travelling far, far way from planet Earth.
Today I’d like to discuss GUI usability and the speed of character movement, as well as some project news.
Initially, during development, I was aiming to create an interface that would be as convenient as possible, and at the same time self-evident. That was the reason for interface being permanently present on the screen, for automatic appearance of an action interface when selecting an object and for scrolling through inventory screens. It should be noted that there was no special criticism towards the inventory, and the reviewers rated it positively.
However, with the release of new episodes that introduced new locations and puzzles on these locations, the old-fashioned interface began to get in the way. The most striking example is when the rope interface overlaps the action in the second episode, when a player selects an item from the inventory.
To solve this issue we’ve slightly changed the inventory interface. After the next update the action interface for inventory items will be displayed with the second click or with RMB click, with the first click simply selecting the item.
We are considering the possibility of hiding the interface, but for now we find this would be a poor solution, as the inventory opening and closing would take up a half of the entire game play process.
As for the character speed of movement we wouldn’t want our players taking overly long walks from one end of the map to the other. That being said, a ridiculously trotting character would spoil the game’s atmosphere. We’ve settled on a classic solution eventually – a double click instantly moves the character to the next location. Perhaps we will implement a hidden speed of movement setting for those who really crave it (with + and – keys).
In other project news – we are working on the third episode, and the largest part of the logical structure is already in place. We are also working on game versions for other platforms. The Linux version already works smoothly on Ubuntu, although we ran into problems with other Linux distributions (like Mint), but we hope to solve these shortly. Thank you for your support!

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