Odysseus Kosmos – Developer Diaries #19



Hey there, friends! Once again, I’m happy to see you back on board of “San Francisco”, a huge spacecraft traveling far, far away from planet Earth.
Today I’d like to talk about the achievements in our game. We call them ‘coffee breaks’.
At this point I should note that it was our publisher who originally came up with the idea to add achievements to the game to enhance its replayability. Ironically, the folks from the marketing department got this idea from Life is Strange. Well, we are always trying our best to consider our publisher’s advice, so we made use of the idea and even took it a step further. I, for one, think our implementation turned out quite successful!
So, most of our achievements are a kind of Easter eggs. Players don’t have to find a hundred items or run a hundred miles across the ship in order to get an achievement. Instead, they have to figure out a certain action (mostly quite logical). However, achievements are harder to discover as opposed to story puzzle solutions – as you would expect of Easter eggs.
The achievements are (sometimes) backed up by dialog or character’s actions. For example, if you take a closer look at Antennae A after calibration in Episode Three, you’ll notice there is something yellow frozen to it. But if you use the steel pipe with Antennae A PRIOR to calibration, Barton will snap off a rubber ducky. He can give it to Oddy later on – the duck will happily bath with him in the hot tub, and you’ll get your achievement. Another example is when young Oddy can carve his initials into a tree with a knife in Episode Two.
There are 12 coffee breaks in every episode (including the Pilot Episode), adding up to a total of 48 achievements. If you’d like to get them all, it won’t be easy! But should you ever get stuck – there are some wonderful guides written by our players. For example, Marc has written a great guide on how to get them all. Nice job, Marc!
And now back to project news: we’ve added German translation! We are still running tests on Linux and still aren’t sure if there are compatibility issues with some Linux versions.
So if you are a Linux user and would be interested in playing our game – please write us an email to 16bittank@gmail.com mentioning your Linux version. We may choose you for the beta testing and grant you access to the Beta build.
Meanwhile we are developing Episode Four! Thank you for your support and good luck.

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